When you hear…’the click’

IMG_20130208_103942                          In store!

My radio debut…click here!

That elusive ‘click’. I feel like, finally, I can relax into having the book out there and that I can embrace feeling like an author (just a little bit…realistic amounts of feeling like an author!). The last week and a half has been the most exciting, terrifying, challenging (in a good way) and ‘real’ in terms of time spent working on book promotion and related things. It has been crazy but wonderful to see so much happening.

I have confirmed my signing for Waterstone’s in Harrogate; this is so exciting a major milestone in the progression of The Foresight Series. It brings the books to light for even more readers and I cannot wait to meet some book fans on March 2nd from 11am. There are details on the event page if any of you are nearby/able to come along. I am so excited, but with the expected and slightly unhealthy side of nervous as it is my first one, but will not be the last as I have additional signings coming up in the next few months!

Then there was the Alumni day at my University. I took part in a day of events for third year degree students which involved Q and As, presentations and more! It has certainly been a time for ‘doing something that scares me everyday’! As part of the day I was asked if I would participate in a radio interview for Siren FM. In my student days, this was a university radio station on campus that was run from the broadcasting suite that we used as part of coursework. However, things have moved on since then and the University of Lincoln School of Journalism has continued to grow into an astounding exemplar of study facilities. Siren FM has become a community radio station; where students utilise and benefit from first class studio facilities and share them with the public for a more practical application of their skills.

I was honoured to step into the studio and take part in an interview. The file is above at the top of the post if you would like to hear my radio debut! It was a delight to return to Lincoln and I have a lot to thank that place for.

What else…? I apologise, I realise that reading this blog is sometimes just reading a huge stream of consciousness, but I have so many thoughts to organise at the moment, I just like to get them all down! Finally, I have got some merchandise..ha ha! Yes! I have the lovely bookmarks (as above) which I will be giving away at signings and through competitions in the coming weeks. I think once Ashes is complete (just weeks away folks!) I will hold a proper Rafflecopter giveaway in which you can win a whole load of goodies..so stick around and follow me so you don’t miss out!

Finally, I have been doing some blogs for various other wonderful sites…including the very exciting new online magazine ‘Awkward Mag’; created and edited by my very talented friend Emma Trotter. Don’t miss out on the first issue…follow @theawkwardmag …go, now!

Right..that will be all for today..Happy Monday!

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