Happy New(s) Year

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First post of 2013…It seems that loads is already happening and we are only three weeks into the year, which I hope can only bode well for the year ahead.

I can’t begin without some excited sharing of my incredible Christmas present from my husband. He bought me The Reading Year from Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights (I want to live there). Check it out online here. The shop looks amazing and the year of books means I will get specific book (tailored to my tastes) at the beginning of each month. Book fans everywhere rejoice…not only is a new book one of my favourite ever things to receive; but, they come wrapped in brown paper and string and sealed with wax (I also want to work there, read there, brainstorm ideas with them and so on. In short..Mr. B’s Emporium is my new favourite place). Sadly I do not live near the shop, but I intend to visit this year and I am EXCITED!

In other news…I have officially delivered my first ‘author talk’ to a school in the town where I live. I was unashamedly terrified before I did it. Full of concerns about feeling like a fraud; did I really have anything valuable to say? However, it was the pupils I was meeting with that put me at ease. These incredibly articulate, passionate young readers (some writers too) were alive with enthusiasm and a real hunger for knowledge about the writing process. It dawned on me (when time ran out as we had covered so many topics and I had answered so many questions) that I did have a contribution to make and that they were genuinely interested. It was wonderful to think that even in the smallest way, I may have left them with some desire to write more themselves or increased their self-belief. It was a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to doing more of the same as this year goes on.

I am making some good progress with connecting with other authors, bloggers and readers; so there will be a few more guest blogs and giveaways this year. If you are on Goodreads and haven’t yet added me or Embers, please pay my author page a visit here.

I have written another guest blog for a site: www.FaeBooks.co.uk (to go live late February) and there will also be a review of Embers and a giveaway. The site is a must-stop for any paranormal book fans so check it out and you can win some Embers goodies too (Week commencing 25th February).

Finally…and well done if you have stuck with me to this point as it is getting interesting! Ashes, the second book in The Foresight Trilogy is now very imminent! The cover art is in progress (and I am really, really happy with the ideas), the edits are happening (well, when I am not procrastinating in a variety of ever creative ways..such as blogging!) and as far as release dates go; well, let’s just say it could be just weeks, not months. All of this is really exciting and I hope all of you that have (so kindly) supported Embers are looking forward to the next installment?! Keep in touch with me via this blog, Twitter (@AmyKeen) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/AmyKeenBooks) for more info and for more giveaways.

If you are, or know of any book bloggers looking for some more paranormal fiction then please feel free to mention me and The Foresight Series.

Right, edits must happen today so I will end here.

As ever, thank you for reading.

Amy x

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