The Art of Fangirling

Urban Dictionary has the following to say when you type in Fangirl:

A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with either a fictional character or an actor.  Similar to the breed of fanboy.  Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal.  Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions.
Now, while I don’t feel this is entirely accurate (I have never groped or tackled one of my obsessions…) I feel it is hilariously relevant to some of my recent behaviour. I have spent weeks locked in a fangirl bubble, revisiting and exceeding my teenage self in levels of excitement and giddiness and do you know what? Everyone should, it is good for the soul.
I am not suggesting you all must find a Beatle-mania style obsession (old-school) or become a Belieber (yuck – though each to their own, fangirls don’t judge) but if you love a type of music so much it hurts, I am just saying it is ok to listen to a playlist on loop for weeks (yep, about seven and counting). It is also ok to be in a cinema at midnight to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 because you are soooo Team Edward…yep, did that too.
The best part of it all is how more people reveal their own fangirlism when you do…..I think everyone feels like it about something, but as we get older we are conditioned to believe that the kind of excitement you felt about things as a teenager should be less, more controlled. I do not agree. Ok, there are limits….but try it. Forget social conformity, sing along with your iPod as you walk if you really feel the urge; the people staring? They’ll forget in ten minutes as they lose themselves in obsessing over much more boring things!
I also happen to be very lucky that I have some EPIC fangirl friends who are willing to join forces with me in relation to my various ‘loves’…you all know who you are!
When I write (for books) I almost always write in a teenage voice and I really think the fact that sometimes I am a bit of a looney about fictional book characters and singers (Darren Hayes in particular) really help me in getting into the mind set. We love so unconditionally as teenagers, in such all consuming ways with complete abandon and I think we should hold on to that. I refuse to compromise on my fangirling and I think I am happier because of it. My poor, long-suffering husband has to deal with it but secretly it makes him smile and I can take the flack!
It isn’t complicated or deep…the point it just to enjoy enjoying things. I bloody do!
Right, I have a playlist to add to and teenage drama to write!
Happy fangirling/fanboy-ing (?!)
Amy x
PS – To anyone that has read/reviewed Embers thank you so much xx

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