“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

I don’t normally focus on quotations (though I have a very sincere love for a good one or two), but, I feel like the past few weeks have been filled with so many wonderful things that I am finding it hard to articulate my thoughts in my own way. So, I may borrow a few from other people (and the style of this blog a little from my very wonderful friend @steady_sazzle).

Music has been a HUGE part of my life over the last few weeks (not that I have just discovered it obviously! But a rediscovery has definitely occurred!). Some of that has come from revisiting my teenage years with a friend and that led to discovering music that has existed for years but is so good it makes you wonder how you ever managed without it in your life. I love that feeling. I haven’t had an iPod for a while and have somehow managed to avoid loading all my music on to my phone, so bar the short journey to work and back, I haven’t really been in the ‘zone’ for finding and really listening to great music.

That has all changed! A couple of the people reading this will be stifling a small snigger as they know the extent of my ‘fangirlism’ behaviour and the current obsession I have with a few CDs in particular! I am now the proud owner of an iPod which is full of awesome music – some from my teenage years to my recent (and much-loved finds).

This blog isn’t really going anywhere, so apologies if you were hoping for something profound. I suppose the point of it was to remind any of you, who, like me, might have forgotten the indescribable power of music – that there is a song out there, possibly one you haven’t heard yet, that has the power to evoke some kind of magical reaction in you . It doesn’t matter whether you are ecstatic, feeling creative, low, mad, depressed, exhausted or ready to seriously hit the town, there is (without question) a song that can support those feelings or if needs be, improve them.

I write, and I am told by people they wish they could too…but I think to pen a well-written song that is accompanied by just the right piece of music is something amazing and such a rare gift. Catchy is good, but I am talking about music that truly resonates and where each and every note, every single word or lyric manages to make you feel like it was picked purely for your enjoyment.

Right, enough waffle from me…I am going to go and listen to some more music, right now! I know it all sounds obvious, but it is really easy to forget how good it can feel to love a song so much that you are scared for the day when it doesn’t sound as perfect.

Get listening!

P.S – For those of you that have been following the blog with any regularity, you will know that my first novel Embers came out at the start of this month; which is insane/wonderful/mind-blowing/exciting/terrifying and so much more. While this blog isn’t strictly about the book, I do have to put a huge and very sincere thank you out there to everyone that has bought it, retweeted information about it, reviewed it and sent me messages about how much they have enjoyed it…..Getting it out there was a big deal, having you like is amazing, so thank you.

Amy x

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