It is finally here!

Wow. Well, it is safe to say this has been one of my favourite weekends ever. I got a message on Friday saying that Embers was available on and…which was a serious life-changing moment. What was I doing at said, life-changing, dream realising moment you ask? Well I was sat in a food hall at a huge shopping centre (the glamour)….but I was with one of my oldest and best friends and we sat there silently stunned and fiddling with our phones (with limited internet) access for that all important first glance at my book available for the world. It was perfect.

(For those wondering you will soon be able to buy from #Kindle, #iBookstore and Waterstones online too).

Then came all the amazing messages from people (some I knew, some I didn’t) telling me they had already ordered their copies and this is the bit that literally blows my mind. Young Adult fiction is what I love to read and write and I have spent a fortune in time gone by on hundreds of books in this genre; but I never stopped to really appreciate how that may make the author feel. While I am still trying to come to terms with calling myself an author; the proof is now internationally available so I guess it really is true!

Where I was going with this was that you people, all of you that have read this blog, entered the competition to win a copy of the book (which you can still do until Sunday evening 6pm GMT here: COMPETITION) and now, those of you that have actually purchased the book – you have literally made my childhood dream come true. While that sounds super cheesy, I cannot think of a better way to articulate it. This whole experience has rendered me ALMOST speechless.

Now, as copies of Embers are winging their way to people, the anxiety kicks in a little, but mostly I am honoured that those people would not only spend their money on my book, but their valuable time. Thank you, so much.

I loved writing this book and I hope you enjoy reading it.

A very happy, slightly delirious, actual, real-life author.


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