Out into the wild…me and the book!

Hello all…It is Friday, so we can all take a minute to rejoice in the proximity of the weekend, and for me that means holiday..bliss! This will be a brief, but hopefully rather exciting parting shot before I go out into the wilds of Scotland and become almost entirely cut off from social media and the internet altogether ***new mantra: I can survive without the internet. I can survive without the internet***

I had a wonderful meeting with my brilliant publisher yesterday and we made some really, really, really (you get the point) exciting decisions. We have made so much progress with the final edits of Embers that we boldly picked our release date.

You will officially be able to purchase Embers from October 1st (hooray, just after pay-day!) and it will be available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Kindle, iBookstore so you can download it or buy it in paperback. I kind of fancy jumping up and down and squealing like a child at this information…I hope you are a little excited too! If you are a YA fiction blogger/reviewer and fancy one of the first copies please message me or info@fisherkingpublishing.co.uk and we can sort that out. We would love to hear from you.

There is so much else going on that I can’t quite put out there yet, but needless to say there will be a signing/reading or two and hopefully I can share with you the amazing cover art in the next couple of weeks before the book is available. I am very proud to say my hugely talented brother – an illustrator – has been commissioned by Fisher King to produce the cover and it is stunning (if I do say so myself). So stay tuned for that update soon!

I will also be running a couple of competitions to win some of the first copies of the book so spread the word as the more the merrier!

If you are new to the blog..firstly welcome, but you can find the blurb about Embers on the previous blog post. Your reactions to the cover copy so far have been so wonderful and it is the best gift in the world to know so many of you are excited to read it!

Ok, I have a car to pack, a toddler that hasn’t napped and several ‘need to do before we go’ lists to check  things off. Have a great week and I will keep you posted on all the book news!

Amy x

3 thoughts on “Out into the wild…me and the book!

  1. Every single day I am inspired by you – this is so deserved and I could not be more proud not only to know you but to be a friend and have read the book in its infancy.

    So unbelievably proud of you

    E x

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