This is what it feels like when dreams come true…

I have been hoping, praying (mostly dreaming) about writing this post one day and now the moment is here I am finding it oddly challenging to articulate things.

I am sorry for the seeming radio silence over the last couple of weeks, but I have been a little busy….

I signed a contract today with Fisher King Publishing for my YA Paranormal novel; Embers. I am beyond excited and this post will no doubt be utter nonsense as it contains the ramblings of a person currently being ‘driven’ by her inner child (who is choosing to celebrate with cartwheels and skipping and whistling).

I know how cheesy it sounds to say this is actually my dream coming true; but, shamelessly, I can say it is. I know from speaking to the hundreds of authors I  follow on Twitter and from those I have met; the hard work is only just about to start, but I am bloody excited!

A huge, huge thank you to Rick at Fisher King for this incredible opportunity and for believing in me. There are so many other people to thank, without whom this would never have happened but they are too wonderful to put into words in this space and I don’t want to leave anyone out in the excitement. If I havent told you personally yet, I promise I will and I am sure you all know who you are.

I know, I know….enough of the Oscars speech. I think I will leave it there!

More exciting book info and updates to come once I can breathe normally again (!)…untill then!

Amy x

3 thoughts on “This is what it feels like when dreams come true…

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