Thoughts on a weekend…

It is Monday morning and it is glorious outside. I have had one of those weekends that will just stay with me…it was brilliant.

It involved making more excellent memories with one of my oldest and most wonderful friends (a very good blogger: We went to a concert to see a group we have seen together three times before and it was amazing. It was reminiscent of our teenage years but a wonderful acknowledgement of how enduring our friendship is. Very inspiring stuff (I wrote another 2500 words last night).

That combined with a family party made for a weekend filled with some of my favourite people. I did a post a while back about taking time to appreciate the little things…these are those things.

I am going to appreciate every moment of today and get out in the sunshine with my lovely boy and my new notebook…turns out nice weather means better mood, means more inspired.

This was a bit of an interim post…next one is an excerpt from Book Two in The Foresight Series….nerve wracking!

Have an amazing day xx

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a weekend…

  1. ‘Never thought I’d be so inspired, never thought I would find the higher truth…’ seemed appreciate, love you! Xxxx

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