A-ha…caught it!

Annoyingly I wrote this post once and lost it. But, I won’t dwell on that because this is a happy post and it needs to be written!

My last post was about how to find inspiration and since then something amazing has happened and I can barely find enough hours in the day to get all the ideas from my head out and on to the page. This is good news indeed.

I thought the basis for this blog would be a few of the things that inspired me to finally start tapping away at those keys again but the principles are easily applied to other things if you don’t fancy writing!

Seek out new music – I recently bought a new CD (yep an actual, physical CD people) and it is fair to say incredible song writing that covers all the emotions and experiences of the singer/songwriter is an amazing tool for creating characters that live and breathe on the page. Find some new music….ask your friends, read reviews, don’t necessarily stick with what you know either.

Read more. This. Is. Essential. I have loved reading my entire life but I am guilty of growing up and saying ‘I just can’t find the time anymore’. Turns out I was full of it, because I have found time and I have read more in the last three weeks than I have in three years and it feels amazing. Reading is great for inspiration…not to take people’s ideas (very important point) but for helping to develop your own style and voice. I am now taking the view that I must read as much as possible and I think you should too, because even if you’re not a writer, reading is something that can be truly magical. A good book is like nothing else.

Learn from people – I read a blog by @chuckwendig last week that was enlightening and to a certain extent shaming! It was twenty-five things writers should stop doing and although I don’t write as my day job, I am starting to realise I must think, speak and breathe writing because I am a writer, published or not. One of the points was stop being ashamed…so I have decided to be proud of my writing and say, without wincing, that I am going to be published because I really believe it.

Surround yourself with awesome people – Here’s where I get really lucky. I have some incredible people in my life that support me and also challenge me (We need that. None of us are right all the time and the best friends are the ones who will tell us when we are off course literally or on the page). You know who you are and I am eternally grateful for your belief in me.

Wow…long post for me. The point is…these things have changed my life lately and I have found the inspiration I was so desperately looking for. The result being 20,000+ word count on the second book, wooo!

Thank you for reading…I am so grateful for each view this gets because I am guilty of neglecting this blog but I really appreciate you visiting. The more you come back, the more I’ll write. Next post will be a little taster of the second book Ashes. If you’re new to this blog have a look back for some excerpts of the first, Embers.


3 thoughts on “A-ha…caught it!

  1. Excellent post! you sound really motivated, positive and happy, I hope this is the case. Keep believing as you are an amazing writer! I think it’s because ‘you get people’, you understand emotion and what makes people tick, I think this allows you to create ‘real’ characters that we can all care about / fall in love with! Cant wait to read a little of the new book. Love and hugs xxxxx

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