The lesser spotted inspiration beast….

I like to think of inspiration as some kind of rare beast, confined to secret corners of unknown territories which have to be discovered and documented.

I know lots of people and ‘they’ say you should write every day, exercise your skill for it…but, for me it doesn’t work that way. I write in fits and starts, small bursts when it feels right and only when I find something that strikes up inspiration.

Don’t get me wrong, I am inspired every day to some extent or other and appreciate, without question the supreme loveliness of the life around me…but my writing inspiration isn’t always triggered by the obvious and it can elude me for periods which, quite frankly, often feel like years.

I have felt the tingly return of inspiration of late and have made some progress in the difficult second book, sent the first off to a literary competition and even added the meat to the bones of an unrelated idea.

My own weird battle with finding out what triggers my writing makes me wonder though, where does everyone else find theirs?

Hmm….lots to ponder. Thank you for reading, come back soon x

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