Long overdue…

Morning all…

Been some considerable time **slaps own wrists for poor communication**. Just a short post today to check I haven’t lost you all. Some massive apologies for not posting for a while and missing out on some great work from other bloggers.

Firstly a huge apology to catsandchocolate.wordpress.com. This lovely fellow blogger gave me the Versatile Blogger award at the end of January. Thanks so much for this, it means a lot and I have been too distant to really re-award it properly (having also fallen behind on my reading!) However, it was/is appreciated, thank you for thinking of me.

Few more apologies to pleasedontslowmedown.wordpress.com (simply the most brilliant friend ever!) and alovingheartisthetruestwisdom.wordpress.com for not answering the questions….will try catch up!

In other news; I received my first written rejection for Embers a couple of weeks ago. Found it strangely exciting and motivating rather than upsetting! Was happy just to have heard back from a publisher! So, getting another query out before the end of the month and submitting Embers for a novel competition too.

Must go…but, more writing very soon and perhaps a snippet of the next book soon too.

Thanks for reading! Good to be back. X

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