What lies ahead?

I have to say that while I am a person of happy disposition normally I always find the dawn of a New Year a bit odd….grateful to be enjoying it and my wonderful life, but always sad that Christmas, my absolute favourite time of the year has been and gone.

This Christmas was possibly the best ever so I would expect the standard post-festive slump to be greater, but……my lovely mum is having a big birthday this month and there is so much going on I rather don’t mind this January.

By February I am always excited for the year ahead…the back to work feeling has long gone and normality has resumed, plus it is the month in which both myself and my wonderful little boy have a birthday and birthdays mean cake and fun!

2012 is the big year…the one where my writing really takes shape, in mo small part due to the fact I will be creating a real writing space when we move house so I can focus and not write when there is kids’ TV in the background!

To anyone reading this I hope you have an excellent year. Make it yours, achieve what you want as you are the only one that can make things happen for you.

I recently heard someone on the radio, a successful and very talented musician, say she had written to the universe asking very specifically for what she wanted to achieve with her music. One year on she no longer works as a waitress and so I thought why not? I have written my letter, specifics and all (apparently the universe is a stickler for very specific timescales so don’t be vague…if you want that new job by June spell it out). I haven’t posted mine as not sure how you go about that but I reckon that just keeping hold of it is good enough.

Let’s all try and see what happens!

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