Liebster Blog Award

No..I have not taken on Charlie Sheen’s motto! I have been very lucky this week and have received The Liebster Blog Award, twice! I am incredibly excited and above all, grateful that anyone would award me this!

I hadn’t heard of it before this week. It is for bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster derives from the German dearest and I think it is a wonderful honour for anyone to hold something I have written in this regard.

I will follow the rules….which are:

* Name the people who gave it to you by tagging/linking their blog in your post (they are the first two of my blog favourites listed below)

* Pick your top five blogs with under 200 followers and let them know who they are by commenting on their blog

* Post the award on your blog

* Hope that the picks pass on the Liebster love so we can all share in excellent blogging wonderfulness.

So here are my top picks: This blog is pure magical wonderment. Creative, hilarious and brilliant story telling combined
with great music suggestions. Yes he’s the bestest friend in the world but he is very talented too. Beautiful truths about love and life summed up with perfect quotations from all history. You need this in your live, we can all relate to this. To be fair I am not totally sure if this blog doesn’t have more than 200 followers, I would be surprised but I couldn’t see. The thing I love about Twitter is it is an incredible resource for writers and this writer’s tweets and blog are inspiring, honest and always thought provoking.

I will be honest here and say I am not sure who else I am going to give this to yet. I dip in and out of many blogs but these are the ones I read most. So I will make it my mission over the next week to seek out my other two favourites blogs…these will likely be writers as I tend to gravitate to those blogs (many I read regularly are way above the follower count, so I will seek out new ones that will benefit from the award).

Thank you xx new post coming soon

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