What readers want….

I’d like to think I know; after all I am one and that should help when it comes to writing. But, there is a problem…..personal choice.

Happy endings, cliffhangers, ill-fated lovers, prince charmings, serial killers with a soft side, or multiple sides, crooked cops, good guys, surprise heroes, ghosts, vampires….the list of options is literally limitless thanks to imagination.

For me; reading is a moment to relax but mostly escape routine for a few minutes which is why I normally read most on holiday. Therefore I don’t tend to choose high-octane thrillers or graphic crime novels. While I can appreciate their appeal I choose to steer clear of major trauma. That’s not to say I won’t or haven’t read these genres, I read everything but most of the time I am looking for something that can be challenging without being out-right hard going. See the problem? I embody the issue with establishing what readers want….I like all kinds of books but I go all Goldilocks depending on my mood so it has to be ‘just right’. I’ve left books before thinking they weren’t for me and revisited them another time when circumstance meant I was more willing to get engrossed in that particular tale.

As a writer I now have to try tackling these issues to ensure I deliver something the reader will be hooked on from the start. Now, let’s be clear, I am not saying I will hog the genres to please people, it is important to ow your strengths and I know that YA fiction is my area. I am never going to be a crime writer, the good ones are incredible and I think telling those stories is a really special skill involving new levels of emotion and understanding of the human psyche.

I will stick to what I know and my own interpretation of what readers want..which I feel is a defined character (they can be vulnerable or
ferociously strong but they must be real), the voice must be clear and the story must have direction and a a series of relevant twists and turns that build to something captivating – though that is just my opinion!

I would love to hear what you all want from a book and why.

Thanks for reading (this and in general), come back soon x

3 thoughts on “What readers want….

  1. I have to say I always look for a happy ending, otherwise I am disappointed. I don’t mind other endings but reading for me is an escapism where I can hide for a little while and it’s just great to finish reading a book about characters you grow to love and know their story ends in a lovely way xx

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