Honey…I’m home!

Big apologies for the distinct lack of communication (I like to imagine a world where you’ve all been listless and sad waiting for my next blog!)

Been a hectic few weeks, but rather excitingly I did recently take delivery of a hard, printed copy of Embers which I produced on Lulu and that was probably the best package I ever received!

Anyway…I promised a snippet or two or Embers once I had worked through some edits, so (in no particular order) here is a little sample….

Interested in reading more? Let me know your thoughts as I
am toying with the idea of making the book available online once totally complete.

Hope you enjoy…my mind is already full with books two and three and a new shiny idea is screaming at me too so watch this space, there is much more to come.

‘The street beyond our drive was silent and the lights played to an empty street as everyone slept. The quiet was disrupted by the engine of a single car which grew closer; but instead of fading peacefully into the night it seemed to linger. I turned off the lamp and crept to the window. With my curtain as a shield I peered round to see the car, engine running, poised at the start of our driveway. The driver, head turned was looking directly at me. I flashed a glance at my alarm clock, three am. Who the hell would be here at this time? For one moment I allowed myself to think it, Jake had come to talk to me, knowing I would be tossing and turning after our fight. I squinted to make out the face in the poor light and a bolt of white hot panic flowed through my entire body. His eyes boring a hole into my hidden face; he was watching, waiting. Clayton Mayer didn’t flinch, or move at all. In an act deliberately designed to evoke this exact reaction he remained perfectly still, unnervingly so.’

‘The world became nauseatingly unsettled as I was carried at speed, the smell of chemicals faded and a cool breeze hit my face. The air whistled around me as I was thrown like a rag doll into the back of a car. I knew then who had been shot and the remaining pieces of my soul shattered. The car sped off with a screech. Leaving my life in pieces behind me.’

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