The point, you ask?

If there are so many people who can write, and can do so very well, why am I bothering to compete with them? Sometimes I feel like I can see that question running behind people’s eyes when I start jabbering on about writing.

It is a valid question though; after all, I am totally aware there are much, much stronger writers than me out there that haven’t been published, so what am I hoping for?

I suppose the reason I feel it is worth it and the reason I feel so passionately about at least pushing myself to make it happen is this….

Couldn’t it be me? If the chances are one in a million, couldn’t I be that one? How amazing would it be if I was?

I think in this situation the anticipation and drive to do it far outweighs any fear I have of failure. Partly because I don’t feel like I would be failing now. I looked at my mum when I was four years old and told her when I grew up I wanted to write books and whether I get an agent and get published is a separate matter, I am doing what I set out to. I have already started to fulfill my own dream by writing Embers, by planning the second and third parts of the trilogy and by writing this blog and putting it out there. So that’s the point!

Finally…a quick note to all of you lovely folk that have bothered to read my nonsense, a huge thank you. You don’t realise how important your role is in making my dream come true and I can’t thank you enough.

PS- if enough people sign up to the blog I will post some extracts from the book in my next post….

9 thoughts on “The point, you ask?

  1. It’s important to write for write for the love of writing, I think. 🙂 Whether we all become famous or not is beside the point. We can have fun trying.

    • Agree. To be fair I don’t want to be famous…though if I was because I was a successful author I would live with it! I am most interested in knowing that someone has enjoyed something I have written! Hopefully it will happen for us!

      • I know what you’re saying, and I agree completely! Although I would like to be able to make a modest living off of writing. I believe I will, someday.

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