Let the battle commence…

I suppose now I have a manuscript, a full story from my head down on paper, that I am an author. But, I know now why people were always saying this is only the beginning. Why? I hear you cry…You’ve come so far..well, no I havent. There is a red pen taunting me every evening which is picking up on some of the silly mistakes, embarrassing spelling errors and issues with plot continuity that I keep finding woven through my book. I suppose this was to be expected. I wrote with such hunger and ferocity that I took little time to check as I went. I was so desperate to write the words in case my brain revolted and clicked delete before I got it all down, that I missed some stuff.

It’s not too bad. Reading through the book now (Titled: Embers – exciting to write that as I haven’t mentioned it yet) I am immensely proud and I believe in the story more than ever.So much so I have two and three in the series planned out. But, I have to recognise the need for revisions, editing and a lot of TLC to get this book to the standard I want it.

I would love to hear from other authors on their own revision and editing experiences. Did you end up with some unexpected major changes? When is the right time to stop playing around with the story and just get it out there?

I am in the process of tackling the dreaded query letter and synopsis. Which I think are harder than coming up with the book and writing it combined!

I am planning to post an excerpt from the book in the coming posts so I would love for you all to keep an eye out and give me some feedback.

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