Warm, fuzzy and more determined than ever

 The news over the past week or so has been dismal; even more so than usual. I don’t know about you, but when horrible things happen, I cannot help but feel lucky (I know it’s sickly sweet to say that and quite the cliché – but true none the less). I have a wonderful life and I am in the midst of one of the most exciting adventures it has yet to throw at me. On Wednesday 20th July 2011 I officially completed the first draft of my first novel. HOORAY I hear you shout.

Inspired by recent events to live life to the fullest I have turned into a woman possessed when it comes to my book. I am absorbing every ounce of advice, research and feedback to make decisions and get the manuscript to its absolute perfect best before *cue movie suspense musak* embarking on the somewhat terrifying journey of looking for an agent. Yep, that little ‘project’ you’ve heard me mention has only gone and blummin’ made a full book, so I may aswell put my efforts to use and try my hand.

I was lucky enough last week (technical drama meant I couldnt post this before now!) to go to an event called ‘How To Get Published’ run by Marie Claire magazine. Best selling Author Lindsey Kelk (@lindseykelk) joined MC’s Deputy Editor, her own literary agent and the Publishing Director of Harper Collins (squeal) in a panel event with Q and A which totally blew me away.

Not only was meeting Lindsey incredible (her story was fascinating and she was very lovely/ funny) but, the event brought with it some excellent insight and overall I came out feeling wonderfully inspired and that it was more possible than ever for me to do this. Don’t get me wrong…there were many hard truths to be told about the fierceness of the competition for a book deal etc. Not surprising, but hard to hear the terrifying low numbers of people who make it through! However, I have come away so determined to do this and never give up that I am surprising myself (and I have quite  some determination already!) . I am more impassioned than ever. Writing is the way forward for me and if this book doesn’t make it, the next one will, or the one after that. If writing is a skill I am going to practice and practice again to make it work and one day hopefully I can sit on a panel and give another me a chance to feel as inspired and lucky as I did. 

If you have a passion, embrace it.

One thought on “Warm, fuzzy and more determined than ever

  1. I enjoyed your post! Congrats on finishing the first draft of your book. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it? Now comes the next steps, fine tuning, which is exactly where I am. Having that chance to meet a published author and learn what they had to go through can be very eye opening. One thing I learned after meeting Suzanne Brockmann was that even New York Times Best Selling Authors are human too! The same experiences that I’m having with my own journey learning to write, they’ve done it too. If they can reach that level of writing I look up to….so can I, and so can you! All we need to do is keep our minds open to the advice, good and bad, that we receive. You have to learn what to do just as much as what NOT to do! So, good luck! Keep an eye on my blog because I will always be posting tips and stuff that I’ve learned along the way and I will do the same with yours. Maybe we’ll be able to learn something from one another. Besides, you can never receive enough encouragement to continue following your dream when you get discouraged!http://thiswriterslife-mjkane.blogspot.com/

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