Take steps…

I have been messing around with writing for years (since I was about 4!). Sometimes starting something completely crappy just to get my fingers tapping and now I realise that this wasn’t wasted.

‘They’ are not wrong when they say writing is a skill and practice is the key. I know my writing isn’t perfect, but it is getting better and I hope that bodes well for the future!

The reason for this post is to urge anyone else out there thinking about writing to embrace the fear a little bit and take steps to making that dream of writing a book more of a reality. Total cheese-fest, I know…but, I desperately want to be an author and I am only just starting to take pivotal steps to make it happen.

You need to utilise the resources around you, link up with people like you on Twitter and other social networking sites – really build up some contact spheres, as within them, may be the one person who knows someone who can help when you really need some advice.

Twitter is already proving to be unbelievably useful to me. I follow, and am followed by some amazing authors, literary agents and people just like me, trying to get their ideas down on paper in the hope that one day someone will read them and love them.

And do something I am late to start doing…find events and forums that can broaden your horizons and really expose you to the contacts out there. My wonderful and incredibly inspiring friend Emma Trotter (@thebespokecakes) recently turned my attention to an amazing event which I am so excited about. You can find out more here: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/inspireandmentor/1.html 

This is my chance to hear real-life author experiences, mingle with agents and generally immerse myself in the literary world, and I am beside myself with excitement.

So, that is it really. My fellow writers, get out and chat to/meet some people as one of them could change your life.

I recently amended my bio on Twitter as someone wise said they hated the words ‘aspiring writer’, if you write then you are a writer, and I agree.

I am Amy Keen and I am a writer. Currently unpublished, but one day…

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