I don’t get olives…

Sooo…here we are. A shiny new blog post. Firstly, let’s be clear, this is not going to be the most mind-blowing blog on the interweb. I don’t mean to start with a negative, but I think honesty is the key. It will however, be filled with some of the nonsense from my brain tank which I carry round on a daily basis.

Mostly, this blog is an exercise in writing for public consumption. It is the frightening companion to my quest to complete my first ever full novel manuscript which currently rests at 43,000 words (approx) and I need some critical voices and travel pals to help me along the way, that is where you come in.

But, don’t worry. It’s not all ‘the creative struggle malarkey’, it will also be random jollyness, interesting things and shiny bits and pieces. I realise this is a bit short (I told you I didn’t know how to write a blog), but here is a little more about me to be getting on with.

– I write nearly everyday, sometimes 10 words, sometimes thousands, depends on my mood.

– I own approximately 60-70 pairs of shoes

– One of my favourite films to watch over and over again is Home Alone 2, Lost in New York because it combines two of my favourite things, Christmas and NYC

– I already have an idea for my next book, though it’s under lock and key

– I bake really quite well, but rarely as I don’t have the restraint to stop myself eating everything at once

– I cannot roll my tongue

– I always inch forward in traffic to see if the person behind me does too

– I want to know who made up the ‘try 10 olives’ and you’ll like them rule? Nonsense. I hate them, tried them, still hate them and no amount of them is going to waive my opinion.

I will now go away and think of something coherent to put together for my next post. More about the book coming soon..

One thought on “I don’t get olives…

  1. Hi Amy, I had forgotten about the extraordinary number of pairs of shoes you owned! My mother in law must be pushing the 50 pair mark, but still isn’t quite in your league!

    I look forward to hearing further updates on this blog and can’t wait for your book to hit Waterstones!

    Mark x

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